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Get AI based trading signals for Indices, Forex, Stocks & Commodities with our - AI Trading Signal Service -

Invest in your future with our AI signal service from Our buy and sell signals for indices, forex, stocks and commodities are recalculated daily by AI and are easy to use. You can buy our automatic signals and optimize your investments. Buy your signal package today and never miss a trading signal again! (no subscription - no automatic renewal)

DAX AI Signal Service - trading signals in 2022
S&P500 AI Trading Signal Service - trading signale in 2022
DowJones AI Trading Signal Service - Trading signals 2022

What is it and how does it work?

Our AI (artificial intelligence) scans the performance index DAX, S&P500, Dow Jones and Nasdaq every day. The scan begins in the year 2000 and ends at today's daily closing price. This chart analysis also runs 5 indicators to calculate the best possible entry and exit and to determine the best chart turning points. We analyze chart movements and notify you daily via email and Telegram message. This notification shows the chart images from the last 90 days. The entrances and exits are marked with blue and red triangles. When you receive a new signal, all you need to do is implement your trades.

The AI ​​signal - PROCESS -


We analyze the markets with our AI, determine the signals (usually turning points) from which a trading signal develops.

You will be informed of a new trading signal via email and Telegram Messenger. We also do not send an email or message when there are new signals.

Our customers implement the signal with their trading products. As a rule, you can then lie back and relax and wait for the next signal.

AI Trading Signal Performance

Trading requires a sophisticated analysis method. We created this with our AI. It must be tailored to the market and provide successful trading signals. This can be seen from the hit rate of over 65%. Since the beginning of the AI ​​signal service, we have been able to look back on positive performance. Take a look at our signals on the charts and decide for yourself!

What is important to us!


We have been publishing trading signals since 2018. We never stop learning - we learn more every day.

We value our customers and are open to criticism, improvements and new things.

We monitor the markets and can look back on over 20 years of stock market experience.

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